Alan B. McKerron

South African painter

Alan McKerron is an artist who lives in South Africa. He has had five exhibitions at various galleries in the Cape, all of which have been well received. His style has evolved over the years - initially involving a degree of realism, but then becoming more abstract to differentiate it from photography.

Alan's main influences have been de Staël, Auerbach and Richter. Taking from these, he has developed his own unique style - working only in oils on canvas.

Alan came to painting later in life. The many countries he has visited and cultural experiences he has been exposed to, together with the magnificent surroundings of the Cape where he lives, are evident in the richness of his work.   view cv →

The style of painting which appeals most to me is loose, bordering on the abstract, using a lot of colour.

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Kenilworth, Cape Town, South Africa [email protected]